Price list

Please do get in touch whatever your requirements are and I am sure I can tailor make a deal specifically fitting your needs.

I am currently building up my portfolio so for a limited time I am  offering a discounted rate on all services.

Both day rates and hourly rates are available.  During the 'discounted rate' time period, I am offering to work for the £20 per hour (excluding expenses).  Further reductions are available via the day rate.  The post-production will also be a reduced rate but calculated according to the size and complexity of the project.


I am able to charge such low prices for these reasons:

  • I own my equipment and as I usually film and edit myself, although I can provide extra camera operators if required.

  • I love this work and am keen to get as much experience as I can!

  • I would like to construct a more extensive portfolio before I introduce higher rates, to reassure future customers what they will be getting before they depart with more money.

  • I don't wish to rip you off, I am very happy to be doing the work that I love, and appreciate every customer, but rates will be going up along with demand so be sure to be the early bird! :)

Approx. Price list 

Filming & Photographing


Hourly Rate -                                                              £20

Day Rate -                          £150 (8hours/£18.75 per hour)





Hourly Rate -                                                              £15

Day Rate -                          £100 (8hours/£12.50 per hour)